ETAP Power System Analysis Workshop

This is a practical 3 days session to learn the basic on one line diagram creation, data entry, and quick expands the user‟ know to include methods to automatically perform multiple „what if‟ studies using multiple scenarios. This workshop includes Load Flow, Short-Circuit, Motor Acceleration and Protective Device Coordination.

Each participant is provided a computer with ETAP software loaded for use during the class time. Training will be handed by ETAP authorized representative / instructor with practical experience.

Who Should Attend?
  • ETAP users and power engineers who wish to increase their skills using ETAP application to perform system studies.

  • Current users seeking a refresher course.

  • Knowledge of power system engineering concepts is highly recommended for those attending this workshop.

A Basic Training Program on EMTP-RV 3.5
and Advance Training Insulation Coordination Analysis

The objective of this training to get familiar with the usage of EMT-type software and the study of power-system transients. How to model power-systems, what scenarios to run and how to interpret and verify results are as many questions that will be addressed. The software EMTP is used for demonstrating concepts and teaching through practical cases. Prior experience with EMTP is not required.

Each participant will have to bring a personal computer. EMTP-RV temporary licenses will be provided for the duration of the course.

ETAP – eTraXTM Traction Power Solution

This is a practical 3 days session to learn about latest features and capabilities of eTraX™ solution for analysis and operation of rail traction systems. Case study presentation on the application of eTraX software for modeling and analysis of low and medium voltage AC &C rail power systems using advanced geospatial asset information.

Who Should Attend?
  • This seminar benefits railway electric engineers, consultants, and owners-operators interested to learn about the latest integrated traction power system software for modeling, simulation, prediction and optimization of rail infrastructure.

For course information or registration, please contact our training provider
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